Call for ISPP’s Governing Council Nominations

The Nominating Committee for the International Society of Political Psychology is soliciting nominations for five three-year terms on the ISPP Governing Council, as well as for President-elect and Vice President for Publications. Self-nominations are welcome.   

The President-elect serves a three-year term:  the first year as President-elect; the second year as President; and the third year as Past President. The Vice President serves a three-year term. The elected Governing Council consists of 15 members serving staggered terms (plus ISPP officers) who guide the policy and direction of the society.  The terms for nominations being sought will be July 2023-July 2026.  

Information on the specific duties and expected qualifications of the President, Vice President, and Governing Council members can be found in the ISPP Constitution and Bylaws, available at

All nominations should be sent to the Chair of the Nominating Committee:

Felicia Pratto
University of Connecticut

Nominations must include the name and institutional affiliation of the nominee, along with gender, information about the nominee’s discipline and primary areas of research, geographic location, and any other information that might be useful to the nominating committee in its goals of nominating a diverse set of candidates representing the broad range of research and interests in political psychology and the international nature of the society. Potential nominees will be contacted by the committee before being placed on the ballot.

Nominations are due no later than 24 June 2022.

Thank you.


Felicia Pratto

2022-23 ISPP Nominating Committee Chair